The Wildest Town in Canada: Donnelly Songs and Stories

By Jeff Culbert
21 May - 25 May
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"A tale of romance, feuds, conspiracy, and murder navigated with energy and charm. This is why the legend of the Donnellys is so compelling!"

Audience favourite Jeff Culbert brings his particular brand of storytelling to the Port Stanley stage. Songs and stories paint vivid pictures of the famed Lucan Donnellys and their infamous part in regional legend. A fascinating blend of fact and fancy.

“Like Father, Like Son? Sorry.”

By Chris Gibbs
28 May - 01 Jun
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"One of the funniest guys around. Comic stand-up gold."

Chris Gibbs has been unqualified for many jobs, when one day he found himself in the most difficult, most important job of all. Fatherhood. A family-friendly stand-up comedy show that playfully explores the fears, worries, and surprises of being a new father, and the absolute terror of wanting to be a good one.


By Norm Foster
05 Jun - 29 Jun
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"A touch of mystery, amid new beginnings."

Recent widow, Iris Oulette and friend, Natalie, arrive in picturesque Lunenburg, but tourism is the last thing on their minds. Iris is investigating a mysterious inheritance, Natalie is intent on romance, and next-door neighbour, Charlie, is just trying not to give the game away. Deft one-liners, compelling characters, and plenty of heart, a masterful new Canadian comedy by Canada's favourite playwright.

Giving Up The Ghost

By Arlin Dixon and Matthew Gorman
03 Jul - 20 Jul
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Sometimes you just have to move forward!

The Christie House is about to become a parking lot and long-time curator, Aggie, rallies the troops for a last-minute defense in a classic showdown. Add an enigmatic caretaker, a control freak, and a TV ghostbuster, and it all just gets complicated! A comedy about freedom, fresh starts, and things that go bump in the night.

Ed’s Garage

By Dan Needles
24 Jul - 10 Aug
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Ed used to be a farmer, now he's an entrepreneur, or is he a therapist, or does he simply run a garage as the sign out front says?

Pregnant cows, 1812 naval re-enactments, and stolen barbecues all add to the mix. From the social implications of the round haybale to the realities of the modern rural sensibility, this quirky comedy, from the writer of the hit "Wingfield" series, is sure to delight.

It’s Your Funeral

By Jamie Williams
14 Aug - 07 Sep
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"A fun-filled romp!"

Shifting coffins, secret passageways, and mysterious millions! Jamie Williams sparkling new farce is a classic blend of high stake fast paced surprises complete with bookies, mobsters, Pomeranian triplets, and a first-across-the-line finish that defies belief. Join us for our season closer and enjoy a wild ride!



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